Does your child struggle with following directions, completing tasks, controlling their behavior, or managing emotions? For children with executive functioning difficulties, the expectations of the environment are often not a good fit for the child’s pattern of strengths and difficulties. This can lead to arguments, frustration, stress, and meltdowns.

Headquarters helps you work together with your child to make their world a better fit for the way their brain works. Our program supports families to develop new ways of interacting and listening, to build skills to help meet the demands of home and school, and to change their perspectives to take a strengths-based approach.


As kids get older, they are expected to become more independent in daily life. The demands for executive functioning skills increase. Yet many teens are not prepared to meet these challenges!

Headquarters helps teens gain the skills and master the strategies needed to be more self-sufficient, effective, and goal directed. Our program taps into their unique strengths and empowers them to take on life’s challenges with confidence.

College Students

The transition from grade school to college can be difficult for those with executive functioning skills deficits. Suddenly, there is no more structure, guidance, or oversight. Many college students are not prepared for this change and find themselves overwhelmed and not knowing where to start or how to prioritize.

Headquarters helps college students learn to create their own systems for structure and support. They will develop skills for more effective planning, organization, time management, self-awareness, motivation, and to stop procrastinating. Our program prepares new college students—setting them up for success—and more experienced college students—teaching them skills for greater efficiency, effectiveness and productivity in college life.


Executive functioning skills allow us to select goals and accomplish them. Many adults with executive functioning deficits have challenges getting things done, especially boring tasks like paying the bills or doing laundry. You may feel lazy, unmotivated, or like you just aren’t reaching your potential.

Headquarters helps you identify what is important to you and implement strategies to start making progress towards those goals. Whether it is a major work project, organizing your closet, or communicating better with others, our program will help you have greater confidence and competence for tackling life’s challenges.