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Be Your Brain’s Boss

Your brain has many different parts that work together. Some are for tasks like breathing and eating, others for thinking and solving problems, and even ones to help us balance and coordinate our movements. One part of the brain, the frontal lobe, is responsible for a whole set of skills called executive functions. Our executive functioning skills help us to pick a goal and then do everything we need to do to make that goal happen. Executive functioning skills include planning, organization, managing time, getting started, impulse control, focus, managing emotions, and motivation.

At Headquarters, we think of the brain as a company. A company has different departments, each with their own purpose and function, and a boss who oversees and guides those departments. The boss is responsible for managing the company- developing a vision, hiring, firing, setting goals, creating a budget, and more. The boss works together with employees to help the company be productive.

When the boss isn’t around, the company can still run, the departments can still complete tasks and be productive, but they likely won’t be as effective and efficient without someone in charge. The company may struggle to know what to do and how to do it. They may not have the right people doing the right jobs or know how to prioritize projects. When the boss is present and active, the company runs more efficiently, effectively, and is more successful.

Executive functioning skills are like the boss of the brain. They are in charge of regulating and managing the brain. When you have executive function deficits, it’s like having a boss that doesn’t always show up to work. Since the boss isn’t consistent, we can’t rely on the boss to run the company. At Headquarters, instead of relying on the brain, we make executive functioning skills external. We take skills like planning, problem solving, and managing time, and put them into the environment so that you don’t have to count on the brain to do them. By creating structure, developing strategies, and making small daily changes that lead to big results, you learn to Be Your Brain’s Boss.