Designed with your brain in mind

Developed from a deep understanding of neuropsychology


Up to 93% of people struggle with executive function

Limitations of Most Interventions

Research on executive functioning skills tells us that two approaches are important: building skills and adapting the environment. Yet traditional techniques, like counseling or therapy, don’t often focus on both strategies.

A Different Approach

Headquarters was designed to make building executive functioning skills and environmental change the core processes of the program.

From the waiting room to our materials, our program was designed with executive functioning in mind.

This helps us to tap into the unique superpowers of the neurodivergent brain and create strategies that stick.

About Us

Dr. Lindsay Klimik, PsyD

Dr. Klimik is a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities. She has 20 years of experience working with individuals across the neurodiversity spectrum. Dr. Klimik specializes in understanding how the brain works and how that impacts everyday functioning.

Dr. Mollie A Ruben, PhD

Dr. Ruben is a social psychologist, research scientist, and professor specializing in the science of interpersonal interactions, nonverbal communication, and patient-centered outcomes research, especially among marginalized populations. With over 20 years of experience in academia, Dr. Ruben’s experience teaching college students and healthcare providers has guided the development of the program. Dr. Ruben oversees quality improvement through ongoing research initiatives, ensuring that the program is effective and guided by cutting-edge research.

Our Coaches

Our coaches are highly trained in our proprietary program. They have a deep understanding of executive function and skills training. They know how the brain works and how to motivate and encourage their clients to implement the strategies and approaches outlined in our program. Our coaches are also compassionate, empathic, appreciative of individual differences, and neurodiversity affirming.

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Our Purpose

We combine a deep understanding of neuropsychology with a meticulously crafted executive functioning training program

We create personalized programs tailored to your specific needs

We pave the way for individuals across the neurodiversity spectrum to unlock their potential

Why Headquarters?

Whether you are a professional striving for excellence in your career, a parent seeking to support your child’s development, an individual working on personal growth, or a person with ADHD, autism, or learning differences, we’re here to guide and support you.

By utilizing principles from neuropsychology and targeted methodologies, we help you build skills and implement strategies to reach your goals

Working with us, you'll explore new avenues to enhance your brain's unique capabilities while harnessing the innate skills you already possess.